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Giving you a reason to smile

Protect the health of your teeth, mouth, and gums with a visit to Chino Hills Dental Office. Your visit will consist of a regular check-up, x-rays, cleaning, and will finish up with tooth polishing for that extra clean feeling.


You'll leave with a bright, clean smile and renewed confidence in it!

Comprehensive dental exam

Our dental exams look for a wide range of issues — decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. You can also count on our dentist to screen for oral cancer and gum disease. Treatment options will be presented for the issues found.

Tartar removal

In order to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and bright, tartar build-up has to be removed. Hardened plaque, which forms tartar, can range from a distinct white to a yellow shade on your teeth. We have the tools to remove it safely.

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Plaque removal

Almost invisible, plaque is a sticky film of bacteria, food debris, and saliva that forms on your teeth. The bacteria in the plaque produce a byproduct that poisons and inflames your gums — it's the start of gum disease! Our dental hygienist can remove plaque quickly.

Brittany R:

"Dr. Kim and his staff made me feel comfortable and gave me more than hope — they gave me my smile back."

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