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Putting your teeth first

From an elbow in a game of basketball to health issues, accidents, or general wear over time, your teeth can become damaged quite easily. When that happens, count on our experienced and caring staff to help.


With our up-to-date equipment, you will no longer have to go through the pain of having damaged and unsightly teeth. Dr. Kim can perform restoration treatments that can strengthen your teeth, return its original shape, make your teeth look natural, ease hot and cold sensitivity, and does not require removing a large portion of the tooth; making everything easier for you.


With root canals, bridges, implants, and crowns, you have a wide range of treatment options.

Replacing lost teeth

Dental implants and bridges are the preferred option if there is no other way to save a tooth or multiple teeth. While artificial, these teeth will look and feel just like natural teeth.

Saving your natural teeth

Using the tooth-colored composite material and virtually indestructible adhesives, even broken or fractured teeth can be saved and look better than ever! In more extreme cases, Dr. Kim may use a porcelain crown.

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Restorative services at a glance:

 • Dental sealants

 • Silver fillings

 • Composite fillings (White fillings)

 • Crowns and bridges

Tina P:

"Dr. Kim has been very fair and honest with his treatment and costs. His staff is very friendly and knows you by your first name."

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