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The smile you've always wanted

There's no need to live and smile with teeth imperfections with recent advances in cosmetic dentistry. If you are underwhelmed by your own smile, you can work with us to change it!


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Veneers - handling two jobs at once

One particularly effective cosmetic option is the use of veneers. A tough porcelain cover that slides over the front of a tooth, a veneer not only gives your tooth a better appearance, but it will also protect your tooth from decay. Think of it as a bright, white shield for your tooth!

Be 100% satisfied with your smile

When you are embarrassed by your smile, you find reasons not to do it. Let Dr. Kim help. You can change tooth color, tooth shape, close gaps, and diminish the gum-line for a brilliant smile!

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Popular cosmetic services:

 • Teeth whitening

 • Veneers

 • Gum re-contouring

 • Dental implants


Prinda D:

"He was very knowledgeable, efficient, quick, and did beautiful work on a partial chipped tooth that needed extraction."

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